This is a quick tip for beginners photographers. Many people want to start shooting in manual mode but either the don’t know how to do it or they just feel safer in auto mode. Here is the fastest and safest way to start using the manual mode and start learning more about your camera.

I understand that is hard to guess the settings of your DSLR in manual mode. Actually, there is no need to. Set your camera to auto mode and take a shot of your object or landscape. Check what are the settings of your camera. Your DSLR guess the settings for you .

The next step is to set your camera to manual mode. I know…but you are going to be all right. Deep breaths. That’s it. Set the ISO, aperture and shutter speed to the exact same values that your DSLR had in auto mode. Press the shutter now. See? You did it. You got your first ever photo in manual mode.

You are now ready to apply the rule of the exposure triangle and start being creative. You can play around with the ISO or the aperture or the shutter speed and take the shot you like. You camera may be good at guessing the settings but lucks a bit of creativity. You make the image, you create the photo.


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