The depth of field changes as the aperture changes. When the aperture is large and the lens is wide open, meaning a large F stop value, the DOF is shallow . As the aperture is getting smaller and the F stop value is getting higher the DOF is getting wider. These changes in the DOF affect the area that drops in focus at the front and at the back of our focus point.

In this tutorial I will show, with sample images, how much the DOF changes as the aperture decreases. I start from F/2.0 all the way up to f/22. I use a Nikon D610, a 50mm 1.8 lens and Kevin as the minion. You can take your DSLR, do exactly the same and see yourself how the depth of field is affected by the aperture. It doesn’t matter what lens you use, you can even use your kit lens. Try to go through as many F stops as you can and notice what happens to the background. It’s an assignment that will give you a better understanding about aperture and teach you what value is more suitable for group shots, landscapes, portraits or close ups.



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