Have you ever been on your mobile and you search for something and you get a website that you can’t even read or finding the menu is a disaster? Google are trying to end that.

Since the 21st of April Google favour mobile friendly websites. This means if someone search for a photographer, for instance, using his mobile the website that is mobile friendly will appear higher in the ranking. This applies only on smartphones and it doesn’t affect desktop searches. Should we bother then?

Probably yes.┬áInternet has changed and smartphones or tablets are now the main devices that people use to search for something on the web. If your website is not mobile friendly you might lose customers since Google’s new algorithm will downgrade your website.

You can check your website’s friendliness through the Google’s testing tool. Enter your domain and you’ll get a full report about your website.


Mobile Friendly Test
Mobile Friendly Test

If you don’t get the “Awesome” message on your screen, then your website is┬ánot mobile friendly. The safest way to move onto a mobile friendly website is to change your website template. Squarespace and Wix offer mobile optimised templates and you can create your website within minutes. If you are more confident with your web design skills or you want more design options you can choose your responsive template from Themeforest and install it in wordpress.


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