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It’s been 3 years since my last Sŵn festival experience. In 2013 it was at its peak. Four days of live music, tens of groups, outdoors live stage and an NME award for “Best Small Festival”.

This year, I was back to attend the little brother of Sŵn. DimSŵn took place on the 9th of April in 5 different venues or 6 live stages. Womanby Street screams LIVE MUSIC and feels like home for Sŵn festival. Excellent venues with good capacity, right in the city centre.

Any festival starts the moment your wristband is on. The volunteers in Castle Emporium, very helpful indeed, provided us with all the info we needed and of course our accreditation. Thank you DimSŵn for that.

It is practically impossible to attend all performances. The organisers did a great work on the schedule though. Very little overlaps and with the venues next to each other or within less than 5 min walking distance, you could attend almost all bands. I rather took it easy trying to enjoy the day, talk to people and have small breaks with cocktails and delicious welsh recipes from Bara menyn inside Castle Emporium. What’s a festival without feeling the buzzing of it anyway?

A wide range of different sounds for all tastes. You can’t go wrong with rock music though. Good performance by the Seize The Chair and Leif Erikson. I didn’t manage to see Jake Isaac but I regretted it. Luckily, my good friend and fellow photographer Craig Kirkwood was there. Craig said: “Isaac had the audience comfortably in his hands with his engaging blend of folk-rock. At one point he forgot his words mid-song, threw his hands up, and declared without a hint of shame: ‘Shit, my mind has gone totally blank’ before resuming. It was hilarious and the crowd loved him all the more for it…”.  Londoners Island caught my attention too. Full of energy, performed in a packed FourBars. You should check them on soundcloud.

Break for a pint at Clwb Ifor Bach - DimSwn 2016
Break for a pint at Clwb Ifor Bach – DimSwn 2016

The north Welsh trio of Castles were one of my favourite groups which I’m not very fond of psychedelic or indie tunes. Despite that, Castles convinced me with their music and performance. The Big Moon filled the upstairs of Clwb Ifor Bach. I’d say for a good reason. Alternative rock with a hint of Indie from the all-girl London group. A solid performance, full or energy that reflected back to the packed audience.

Thank you John Rostron, Jame Chant and SWN team for keeping the SOUND going. Happy 10th birthday SWN. Till next time..cya

Photography : Visual Art Studio , Craig Kirkwood

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