Tuesday, March 20, 2018

DimSwn 2016 – 10th Birthday

Sŵn is sound in Welsh. It is also one of the best live music festivals not only in Cardiff but also in the UK. The NME award winning Sŵn has also a little brother, DimSŵn.
The Great Roath Bake Off 2015

The Great Roath Bake Off is coming

Roath is a vivid community and hosts many events throughout the year. The Great Roath Bake Off is one of the major events though and attracts people from all ages. Last year more than...
Zack Arias Blog

Zack Arias reply is definitely not a pat on the back.

We've all hit the wall at some point. Sugar coating is not helpful. Zack Arias replies in an honest and truthful way.

Cardiff Photography Club

Photography community is undoubtedly strong and keeps growing fast. Cardiff photography club is a new effort by people who are passionate not only about photography but also about bringing like minded people together, and...
Migrant Mother Dorothea Lange

Migrant Mother – The story behind an iconic image

An image of a 32 years old mother meant to be an iconic symbol of the big depression of the 1930s. The image was taken in 1936 and it was part of a series of 6 images that Dorothea Lange, an American photojournalist, took in less than 10 minutes in an American field in California.
Happy pencils

Bored already?

Bored already with your new DSLR? Just can't be right. See what you are still missing.
CIFF 2015

Cardiff Independent Film Festival 2015

Many interesting films, lots of energy, special events on the side and a legend. That's how I would describe the second Cardiff's Independent Film Festival, known as CIFF 2015
Roath Bake Off 2015 Team

Roath Bake Off : A story about cakes and good people

If you happened to visit St Andrew's church on Wellfield Road last Saturday, I'm sure you had a great time. Extraordinary cakes, music, art, workshops for kids, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Olaf and of...