Photography community is undoubtedly strong and keeps growing fast. Cardiff photography club is a new effort by people who are passionate not only about photography but also about bringing like minded people together, and create a vivid community that will be part of city’s life and contribute to Welsh art and culture in general.

What makes it different from other efforts though? Cardiff photography club it’s not another photowalk-get back to the pub-post on social media club. Its purpose is both fun and educational. Through social events, photography workshops, editing tutorials and relaxed photowalks people can learn new skills, meet new friends, exchange ideas and collaborate in projects. We talked to Peri Trigkas ( one of the people behind the idea) and discussed with him more about the what, why and where.  

Q: Who should join the Cardiff photography club.

The idea is to bring together not only photographers but also anyone who is involved in photography projects either behind or in front of the lens. Models who would like to build a portfolio, make up artists, studio space owners, photography equipment shops and of course photographers. What’s better than to have all these creative individuals under one roof? “

Q: Are there any requirements for someone to join?

The club has no age or experience limitations and you can join for free.  We welcome amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals. The only requirement is to be involved with photography on any level and from any post. Photography is not only the man behind the camera. Many others play their part in a creative project.

Q: What kind of events are you planning to organise? Could you tell us more about the educational part?

Social events and photo walks are friendly and equally useful. People have the chance to talk and get to know each other, exchange ideas and have a nice evening or a day out discovering new places. My idea though, goes beyond that. The educational purpose of the club will be a major part of the project. We want to give the chance to everyone to try new things, experiment and develop new skills. We are working on many ideas such as studio photoshoots, editing tutorials, different photography genres etc. As you can see we want to include a bit of everything to keep members active and interested. We currently organising our first event which will be announced soon.

Q: Where can people find and join you?

We thought that the social platform of meetup is the ideal place to start with. It is user friendly and we can easily communicate all the info regarding any event to the members. People can find and join us here : Cardiff Photography Club. It’s easy, fast and for free. They can also tweet us @cfphotoclub. Join and let yourself get inspired.



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