Can you solve the riddle?

The very first escape room in Cardiff opened its doors last week. Last night the owners hosted a media party and of course I couldn’t miss it.

The concept is simple enough to follow but hard enough to keep you interested. Real life escape rooms are based on the old adventure computer games, only this time you’re physically trapped in a room.

Escape Rooms Cardiff offer 3 different game rooms which are well designed down to every detail. You can choose among The Tomb, Finding Sherlock and The Heist. Each of them offers a totally different experience, level of difficulty and of course excitement and fun.

Each room has a different difficulty level.

Teams of 2 to 5 people can play in every room. Once you are locked in, you have an hour to open the door and escape. There are plenty of objects in each room which you can interact with by clicking, turning, sliding, lifting or exploring. You’ll need to be observant and fast to solve the puzzle but if you get stuck you might get a hint from the Game Master (cool title )  to help you going.

John, one of the owners, told us that : “escape rooms are getting popular already not only among individuals but also among companies that are keen to offer to their employees something different, innovative and fun. Booking slots are filling up fast and I’m very glad that Cardiff welcomed our effort so warmly ” .

It’s the perfect opportunity for a night out, to have fun and most importantly to achieve something through team work and sharing exciting moments. If you feel smart enough and like challenges you can book your slot here.

The clock is ticking.. well it's digital
The clock is ticking.. well it’s digital.
Cool objects are in every room to interact with
Cool objects are in every room.





Escape Rooms Cardiff are located right in the city centre, 119 St Mary Street, just above Costa Coffee. Calum will be there to show you around and… lock you in.

Have fun!


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