Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ZoomClickBoom is a photography school that aims to help all photographers to develop their photography skills, enhance their creativity and boost their business through useful articles and constructive ideas. Moreover, this website is close to the community, promoting interesting events, discussing with people that contribute to the common good and discovering places that make a difference.

The idea was born by Peri, the editor of this website, with his desire to share the knowledge and actually help new and ambitious photographers, not to say that advanced level photographers will find it boring and flat. We intend to have a bit of everything for all experience levels and keep the fun going for everyone. You can find photography tips and basics. You can learn about photography history and literature through our “From My Bookshelf” section. We’ll share with you editing tricks that will help you in making better images. If you are a professional already, visit the “Marketing” section to discover how you can promote your business.

Peri believes that Photography is Life and images are momentarily captures of our lives. Of course we couldn’t leave out the most essential element of photography which is the community and the people that do their best for the common good. This site will be following any effort which contributes to community and to making peoples’ lives better.

It is an ambitious project itself, that consumes a lot of personal time and effort with the only reward bring your kind smiles and comments. New ideas and suggestions are more than welcome. ZoomClickBoom is all about sharing after all.


Hope you enjoy it

The editor